Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Three times a charm ?

This evening and afternoon has been one of the most event full in my life, I finally got to find out the truth about Stalvan, met an unhappy daughter to a man called Mor’ladim and I also found time to destroy engines of destruction that belonged to Nek’rosh. I will attempt to do these adventures justice.

For a very long time I have together with Avrio been traipsing all over the place looking for clues about a man called Stalvan we finally managed to resolve the matter. I found out this evening that Stalvan is not a very nice person in fact his friends tend to be either dead or undead or plagued I am at a loss for words trying to describe the things that surround him.

Avrio and me went there with the best intentions, of killing this man, thereby completing our mission. Upon reaching the place just outside Darkshire on the road towards Redridge Mountains, we quickly realized that we might not be strong enough. As luck would have it a friend of ours Malvett came riding by he quickly agreed to help us. I tried to ask Malvett where he got his mount his answer were not very clear, so I still do not know how to avoid the blisters I secretly weep over each night.

Malvett is a priest just like Avrio but his powers are awesome in comparison, as I am a warrior I have little or no understanding of how the priests do what they do to be honest it scares me somewhat. I like the weight of my two-handed sword, the jolt of it making impact the sheer pleasure of watching my enemy be destroyed by my hand. I am getting a bit carried away here but there is a dark side to me I have yet to fully understand, I actually like fighting with or without weapons the pain someone does to me feeds my desire to destroy even more. So anyway moving on, We found Stalvan hiding in a House I fired a shot at him he came rushing out together with two plague bearing undeads the smell was bloody awful. The three of us quickly dispatched of Stalvan very much due to Malvett’s somewhat incredible powers.

We went back to town and I felt the need of a warm bath and perhaps a yard or two of ale, Avrio reminded me about Mor’ladim I felt weary but agreed to taking the fiend down. Malvett seemed to have nothing better to do so he again offered us a helping hand we went to Raven Hill cemetery where Mor’ladim has been known to roam. As if I did not already know, countless times this foul undead being has attacked me often from behind and swiftly killed me.
They say that “what comes around goes around” I found him rushed in started to hit him with my axe whilst trying to take the most of the hits on my shield, Malvett and Avrio threw their combined forces on him and after what seemed an eternity he went down. I felt my life slowly seeping out of me I was completely exhausted. The reward I received was well worth all the running around and the epic fight, a two-handed sword called Archeus the weight and feel of that sword is just perfect.

My lovely companion yet again beckoned me to do one more thing to kill Nek’rosh, fearing that my nubile priestess to me goddess would find me lacking in determination and courage I yet again agreed. We had to travel a fair bit before we arrived at the location where this threat to the Wetlands could be found. We fought our way to his encampment and at last we found him standing with a guard he stood unaware of the death he would suffer. Avrio and I agreed that I would rush Nek’rosh and she would attempt to dispatch of his guard. I rushed in with my axe and shield taunting him shouting at him, to my left I saw Avrio locked in combat with the guard as always I was amazed at how words and spells can hurt a man needless to say the guard went down. I was taking serious damage from Nek’rosh, my shield was barely blocking his tremendously hard hits. After a while I finally got my opening he tried to cast a spell. I slammed my shield in his face quickly changed to Archeus and started hitting him again and again. Avrio healed me between the spells she threw at him, the panic in Nek’rosh eyes showed and he tried to escape one final fell swoop and he was no more. I sank to the ground begging Avrio “no more I need to rest”

I have another observation, shortly after killing Mor’ladim I felt my self grow stronger I could almost feel the very essence of myself be changed somehow. This has happened on several occasions, it does however take a lot longer now to reach that climax (I have no better word for it, it is a feeling unlike no other) than before. I have witnessed the same change in Avrio she is engulfed in a golden light that is a wonder to behold, after it she also claims that she feels stronger and improved. I still feel that I am not in complete control of my own actions; there are portions of time that are completely lost to me. I also want to know who Pug is and why he insists on sending me items of armour and weaponry. I have been told that he is a member of my guild, I have yet to meet him he is a Night Elf hunter one of my own kind, stories of his life are told on Teldrassil. Teldrassil, will I ever see my home again? I must travel there to walk in Darnasuss is truly to be blessed.

Monday, September 26, 2005

The warriors LIfe

Azeroth, the final frontier these are the voyages of Amos night-elf warrior, his ongoing mission to explore strange new lands and rid this world of all evil.

Every day seems the same to me, all of a sudden I am moving as if controlled by someone else. By my side I have a gorgeous night elf priest her name is Avrio, we are currently running around in a place called Darkshire. My legs are weary from all the running we are doing, for some really strange reason some people have mounts that they ride around on. I have on several occasions tried to buy one but it seems I cant yet something is preventing me from doing so.

I have been given several missions or quests that I have to complete, these toils earn me rewards that I usually sell as they are not good enough for me to use. I am at the moment running like crazy trying to complete such a mission, it is called “The Legend of Stalvan” it seems I have been to the four corners of my known world looking for clues, speaking to people trying to figure out what is going on. The last clue was found in the canal district in a town called Stormwind, I don’t know how many of you have been to Stormwind but that whole place is comprised of canals. Needless to say I ran around in there for better part of an hour, when I finally found the correct place a crate that needed to be opened. Imagine my surprise when an apparition suddenly appeared and transformed me into a sheep. I was so embarrassed; I am a warrior not a sheep. Thankfully Avrio was there to save the day she dispatched the apparition and after a little while I was back to my normal self again. I was hoping that the crate would be the end of this quest but it never ends it seems, we are now on our way to East Vale Logging Company to find yet another clue.

I am still suffering from the after effects from being turned or polymorphed into a sheep my voice sometimes breaks and I have a patch of wool on my forearm still that I want a doctor to look at next time we enter a large town. Another thing that bothers me and scares me a little when I die I turn into a round gaseous form that seeks out my corpse. This happens every time I die, does this mean I will never die?